[Sidmool] Volufiline Ampoule 30ml & Honey Peptide Propolis Pack 2ea

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Volufiline Ampoule 30ml
- Volufiline 100% from France Sederma
- Elasticity Ampoule

About 373 drops : If you use 2 drops a day, you can use 6 months.
How to use
1) When using to your face for the first time, please use 1 ~ 2 drops mixed with in cream or lotion instead of using directly the undiluted ampoule. If you fit well, you can use it as original ampoule only.
2) When using to another body part except for face, please use 1 ~ 2 drops and be absorbed for special care.
3) If you not fit well, you must quit the using this product.
4) You can use both day and night.
* If you use excessive amounts, your skin is under a lot of stress. so, please use as little as possible.

Royal Honey Peptide Propolis Deep Moisture Sleeping Pack
How to use:
Please use at last step in skin care.
You can use every night.

Made in korea

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