[WHAMISA] Organic Flowers Ferment Facial Oil 1oz (26ml) Deep Moisture k-beauty

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98% organic ingredients, BDIH certified.
This miracle blend of argan, olive fruit, jojoba seed, carrot seed, evening primrose, pumpkin seed oils and flower ferment filtrates is a true multitasker. Fermented organic ingredients help skin protect from harmful environment and dryness by nourishing and moisturising film. It improves skin’s immunity, elasticity and balances skin’s oil-water levels. You would feel skin is more moisturising, more radiant & brighter, lighten on pigmentation & fine lines, revitalising and rejuvenating.

SKIN BARRIER : Moist and powerful skin barrier. Prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin and retains moisture to form a healthy and firm skin barrier.
SKIN BALANCE : Adjusting the oil and moisture balance. Turns the oil and moisture balance to keep the skin smooth and moist.
ANTI-AGING : Lively young skin vitamins light up the skin to revitalize and revitalise.

Argan – rich in essential fatty acids, argan oil neutralises free radicals and reduces fine lines by activating the vital functions of skin cells (Oleic–42-48% – Omega 9, Linoleic–30-38% Omega 6)
Camellia – is a rich source of Palmitic and Omega-6 Linoleic fatty acids, as well as numerous anti-aging polyphenol antioxidants. It is non-greasy and an excellent all-around moisturizer for the skin as well as for hair. Camellia oil is an excellent emollient for keeping skin and hair moist and supple.
Olive – despite all of its scary pore-clogging potential, does have some benefits: It’s naturally high in squalene, an oil that mimics your skin’s natural sebum, so it’ll leave your skin barrier extra smooth and soft, and it’s also full of antioxidants that work to fight environmental skin damage
Hazelnut – contains tannins, which are powerful antioxidants. The tannins in hazelnut oil make it an astringent that can help dry oily skin, cleanse and shrink pores, and remove bacteria.

Made in korea

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