Simple skin care with sheet mask✨

Hi, guys 
When you do simple skin care at home, you're probably using a sheet mask.
So Let me introduce you to some good mask sheets.😉
Find a sheet mask that fits you by referring to the following!

1. Organic Mask Sheet HOUTTUYNIA CORDATA Tencel

I introduced this product to you last time.

The item has Eco-friendly Natural Fiber + Organic Extract 50%  
This product has the following features:
- Excellent skin adhesion and high content of organic herbal extracts and natural extracts 
- It is effective for skin cleansing and skin soothing

2. Waterfull Pure Essence Mask Sheet

This product does not contain harmful ingredients, so pregnant women also can use it. And this product is Slightly acidic , it can be used on the skin without any pressure.The Sidmool Waterfull pure essence mask sheet will help skin to be healthy. 👍

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3.  Cicago Cica SOS Dressing Mask

The Chicago line, which includes this product, received excellent rating from the German Dermatest. From the ingredients to the sheets, They've made them feel safe.  Highly concentrated green ampoule will soothe your skin quickly.

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4. Water Gel Extra Force Mask

The items contain oak sap soothing essence.  And these also have 100% cupra sheet mask with 10 times higher absorption than pure cotton.
<Recommended Skin Type>
Moisturizing Mask Green :  Sensitive Skin, Oily Skin, Combination Skin
Brightening Mask Pink :  Normal Skin
Optimal Repairing Mask Yellow : Dry Skin 

5. Polysaccharides Real Moisturising Soothing Mask Pack

Polysaccharide for deep moisture. helps your skin's moisture in place without oil.
The polysaccharide is a key component of succulents and cactus that live in deserts that have little rain. Recommend to customers who don't like oil ingredients.

※ If you visit our site, you can check full ingredients

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