I want to keep them to myself Ⅱ. Eyeliner💦

Thank you for your support for the last post [ I want to keep them to my self Ⅰ.Cushion ]. So today I have prepared  Ⅱ. Eyeliner post😊

I'm going to explain this series again, it's for people who want to find their own product, not one that other people use a lot.

In the other words, these products aren't famous but good products.
The eyeliner has many types. Gel. Liquid, Pen. etc..

You can get info of the eyeliner you want on this post.

Then let's get started!

1. [lilybyred] AM 9 TO PM9 Survival Penliner

[lilybyred] AM 9 TO PM9 Survival Penliner has 3 features.

① AM 9 TO PM 9 Survival Penliner is applied with Japanese high-tech Formula.
So, you don't need to worry about water, sweat, sebum.😊
Cause the item is long lasting with Japanese high-tech Formula.  

② AM 9 TO PM 9 Survival Penliner uses carbon black with high purity.
 The brush is flexible and has slim tip(0.1 mm) make it easy to apply on your eyes.
Also carbon black makes your eyes look more intense.

③ AM 9 TO PM 9 Survival Penliner uses ink tank method.
The item uses the ink tank method, so you can use the item without cut.

lilybyred AM 9 TO PM9 Survival Penliner has 3 colors.

From the left, 01. MATT BLACK 02. MATT BROWN 03.WALNUT BROWN.
MATT BLACK is deep black with a higher purity of carcbon black to clear and intense eyes.

MATT BROWN is black brown color that makes natural but clear eyes.
WALNUT BROWN is choco brown color that make your eyes soft.

And the item is from Taeyeon's YouTube Vlog. [Taeyeon is a member of SNSD] She is famous for her usual interest in cosmetics. Taeyeon's Pick! You can check it out in more detail on our site.

2.  [PRO 8 CHEONGDAM] Stay on Gel Eyeliner

If you use gel eyeliner, you heard the following products. TONYMORY Easy Touch Gel eyeliner, espoir Velvet Drawing Gel Eyeliner, BBIA Last Gel Eyeliner...
Of course the items are so good but I recommend another eyeliner.[PRO 8 CHEONGDAM] Stay on Gel Eyeliner👀

[PRO 8 CHEONGDAM] Stay on Gel Eyeliner has the following features.

① Applicability is perfect
Stay on Gel Eyeliner has creamy formula, so it is not only easy to control but also applicability is perfect. 

② Waterproof
Stay on Gel Eyeliner is a quick dry type and has waterproof function, so it is long lasting.

 [PRO 8 CHEONGDAM] Stay on Gel Eyeliner has 2 colors.
DEEP BLACK is soft black with a touch as soft as silk. And DARK BROWN is deep brown🙈 

And you have to use dedicated brush for using the item. First, put appropriate amount with dedicated brush. Second, Fill up the area between eyelashes. Third, Draw tails as you like.

RISABAE is a famous beauty creator(Youtuber) in Korea. Anyone who subscribes to her YouTube knows how often the item appears. Cause she uses the item a lot. And since she used it, it has become more popular.
cf) I have tried the item, it's drawn very smoothly!


VT BTS STAY IT EYELINER MASCARA DUO is can be mascara and eyeliner at once. VT BTS STAY IT EYELINER MASCARA DUO that produces clear eyeliner and rich eyelashes.❗


First of all, I'll tell you about the eyeliner. Even if you use it only once, the item creates smooth and vivid eye line. The item is matte finish formula eyeliner of liquid type, so it fix your eye make up. And mascara is 3 in 1 mascara. You can catch Long lash + Curling + Volume at once!! The double-mixing fiber of the item makes your eyelashes looking gorgeous without clumps. 

The item has two colors [BLACK and BROWN]. If you refer to the picture, you can check your appearance in more detail after using it.

4. [LABIOTTE] Momentique Handbell Gel Liner

First of all, the packing design of [LABIOTTE] Momentique Handbell Gel Liner stand out. The design of handbell makes you want to keep the eyeliner.😁

 [LABIOTTE] Momentique Handbell Gel Liner has the following features

① With soft application and strong fixing power, gel liner expresses defining eye makeup

② Reversal texture, strong adherence after smoothly blending in like a cream

③ Two times stronger, Power-proof

④ Compact, convenient composition

Especially, I think it's a great advantage to be easy to carry with you cause not only the item is compact, but also the item has a built-in brush.


The item has many colors, so you can choose a color as you want.
BLACK is a matte black that makes your eyes look more intense.
ASH BLACK makes your eyes more mood.
DEEP BROWN is a dark brown color for daily use.
SATIN BROWN is bronze color that has mild gold pearl.

You can check the colors more detail through pic👇



The features of  

① Perfect and long-lasting fixation through powerful and quick adherence on the skin.

② The artist angle curve brush with 360˚and 30˚ degrees.

Easy drawing of precise eyeline due to its curved brush shape, which fills up the spaces between eyelashes easily without blocking vision and without turning your head or wrist. And slim liner tip allows easy control of thickness, and even the single touch offers clear line. 


DEEP BROWN is dark brown color with high proportion of black.
NATURAL BROWN is mild medium brown color.

If you want to know how to use the item or interested in it, please visit our page.

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