I want to keep them to myself Ⅰ. Cushion

Do you want to find your own product, not one that other people use a lot?
But you don't know which product is good?
So BEST BEAUTIP would like to select a good products and recommend these to customers. 
"I want to keep them to myself" is going to be produced a series, and First is Cushion.👏

Then let's get started!

1. [MANYO FACTORY] Herbal Fresh Moist Cushion

Herbal Fresh Moist Cushion is made of 99.9% natural color and fragrance. This consists of natural ingredients that are hard to find in color cosmetics. Also ingredients are 100% EWG green grade.😆 Cause the Manyo factory have used Mentha Suaveolens Leaf Extract instead of Water, the cushion offers refreshing.

Isn't it just good ingredients? Don't worry. Because of the moisturizing ingredients, 
it's moist. Blemishes, pores, and defects are naturally covered. Make-up is maintained naturally. How's that? Isn't it attractive?

2. [BORNTREE] Wedding Bouquet Pearl Cushion

Wedding Bouquet Pearl Cushion contains 50% essence ingredients. So this is very moist. Moist cushion usually lacks power of coverage and makes hair stick to the face, right?😥 The item considered this fact from the beginning, and focused on keeping both moisture and coverage through numerous sample tests.❣

Isn't it irritating to skin? No! It was rated 'no irritation' in in vivo primary skin irritation test. It has pearl inside, is it glitter product? It's not a product which contains a lot of glitter like the highlight, just gives a subtle gloss and makes the skin bright.

3. [SERENDI BEAUTY] Perfect Fitting Cushion

[SERENDI BEAUTY] Perfect Fitting Cushion commensurate with the home-skincare brand through evaluation by staffs that have directly tested the product for 272 days.😃

What do you wish most for a new cushion foundation? (survey on 927 females in their 20s to 30s)

The result of the survey, they want a cushion foundation that can make their skin gorgeously fair and flawless. The item has been created after 272 days of research and test.

I recommend the item to the person "I'm looking for these things!"

✔  Looking for a moisturizing cushion with good coverage.

✔ Want a Perfectly fitting cushion.

✔ Want a cushion that can make my skin look beautiful from any directions.

4. [LUI&LEI] Water Cover Pinlight Cushion

[LUI&LEI] Water Cover Pinlight Cushion makes your makeup more natural and keeps your skin moisturized all the time.⌛ This cushion gives you perfect makeup and improves skin health simultaneously. Cause the item have used the ingredients only that the skin needs. Using Blackcurrant Seed Oil for Strengthening skin barrier. Using Balloon Vine Extract for Soothing the skin. Using Sunflower Oil Concentrate  for Stabilizing the skin barrier.

What are the features of this product?
# As bright as your natural skin #Weightless but perfect cushion # Superb ingredients that sooth your facial skin #Hydrating from the bottom of the skin

5. [BY ECOM]Honey Glow Cover Cushion

BY ECOM]Honey Glow Cover Cushion is BY ECOM's first Essence Drop Cushion Foundation that gives a moist and radiant sensation to the skin.
Especially, the large amount of water essence (approximately 62%) in the cushion helps the skin immediate hydrate and smoothes the roughness of the skin, giving it a natural glow.

I recommend you to those who have the following concerns:

✔ Those who can't cover skin blemished well

✔ Those who don't have skin elasticity and has loose skin

✔ Those with dry skin that always seeks for skin moisture

✔ Those cushion nomads wandering for life cushion

✔ Those who have frequent skin and make-up collapse easily

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