[Bulabel] Get It Beauty Moisture Ampoule Top 3

Hi, guys. Do you know Get It Beauty? Get it beauty is a famous beauty program in Korea. Today let me introduce 3 moisture ampoules selected by get it beauty.

I'll tell you how Top3 was chosen before open the products. ūüėČ
First, ingredients
The 30 products were evaluated based on nine harmful ingredients.
The 18 products were passed in the first stage.
Seconds, moisturizing 

#1  Test subjects wait 30 minutes after washing their face.

#2 Measure the moisture level of the status of zero makeup.


#3 Apply the same amount of ampoule and measure how much moisture has increased.

#4 Measure once more after 3 hours to validate long lasting

So what is the result?‚ú®

From now on, I'm going to introduce the Top3

Top3 [SKIN FOOD] Watery Berry Fresh Ampoule Original

The item is famous to the people who have combination of dry and oily skin types 
Light and fast absorption is an advantage.

Top2 [MISSHA] Vitamin B12 Double Hydrop Ampouler

This product is famous for Son Ye-jin ampoule, a famous Korean actress.
And the function of Anti-aging & Brightening was recognized.

Top1  [Ultru] [I'm SORRY For MY SKIN] Relaxing Ampoule First Calming


This product has excellent full ingredients. It's also non-stick and fast absorption, so it's matt finish.

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