Are you still applying cosmetics with your finger?ūüėĪ

Using brushes to make up makes it easier and better to do makeup. And there are many kinds of brushes with variant uses. In case of eyes, people use brushes like eyeliner, shadow, eyebrow, blending eyeshadow, etc. 
It's not surprising that there are so many brushes in the makeup boxes of makeup artists on TV programs.

Today I'll introduce you to the best brands that make brushes.¬†These brands are focused on brushes and boast of their high quality. And as you know, you can purchase all the products of these brands on BEST BEAUTIP¬†ūü•į
Let's begin thenūüéČ


PICASSO brush is called Cheongdam-dong brush. Cheongdam-dong is known as a mecca of beauty and fashion in Korea. 99.9% of Korean make up artists in Cheongdam-dong actually use Picasso brush.

So it's no exaggeration to say that every face of broadcasting or fashion is being completed with a Picasso brush.It started there and now it is a brand that goes beyond Korea to the world.

 Picasso's make-up brushes has the following features that is hard to imitate. Detailed simulation characteristics, ergonomic design,and soft touch. And using natural materials to achieve the highest level of applicability.

 The Best Seller of the 'PICASSO' are

# 108 blusher : Flat and round shape brush holds particles for pearl and color express

# 224 eyeshadow : Hand tip like touch with round firm shape, one touch and gradation   gives quick shadow express

# 17 foundation : Smooth touch without brush marks



COURCELLES is a company that develops & provides make-up products since 1997. The slogan of COURCELLES is "to you who are already beautiful".
And COURCELLES's goal is to puts the life in your already beautiful face, strengthen the foundation of your makeup, and find natural colors to enhance your original skin tone.


The first things that COURCELLES started in the Korean makeup industry.
The brand launched the transparent makeup base for the first time in Korea.
And started concealer pencil for the first time in Korea.

Although COURCELLES focuses on makeup tools, it also stands out in the cosmetics part.

 The Best Seller of the 'COURCELLES' are

# 22 foundation : Wide brush makes foundation work easier. 

# Biche Balm : The easiest way to hold your skin tone is to use a BICHE BALM

# Concealer Pencil : it is a sliding texture that blends on the skin even more and provides amazing coverage.


The slogan of THE TOOL LAB is " All I think about is the tool".
They call themselves Toolist(tool expert) and emphasize their differences from other makeup artist  and cosmetics planners.

Su Kyeong Baek who is toolist and founder of THE TOOL LAB worked on some global cosmetics brands( 
e.g. CHANEL, SK-Ⅱ,  SHEPHORA, YVES SAINT LAURENT) and studied makeup tools. Through years of experience, she is selling good products at reasonable prices.

If you're a woman who uses brushes everyday, it is important how brushes are made as well as cosmetics ingredients. THE TOOL LAB dyes their brushes with safe ingredients. They use light and non-rusted aluminum. One small tool is full of sincerity. 

The Best Seller of the 'THE TOOL LAB' are

# 101 Multitasker : Multi tasking brush for liquid, cream & powder type 

# 107 Base Perfector :  Perfect base makeup

# 404 Be Dazzling Eye Make up Set

4. Fillimilli

Have you ever heard of OLIVEYOUNG? OLIVEYOUNG is the No.1 drugstore in Korea. Recently, young women in Korea use the products of drugstores. So drugstores have grown rapidly in recent years and have begun to make their own brand products. Fillimilli is one of them.


 Fillimilli means 'Fill $ Feel Millions Of Your Beauty'.  For semi-professional, FILLIMILLE launched S series (Smart, Special, Supreme), which was well received by those who wanted more detailed makeup. Also all items of Fillimilli S have been certified as Vegan.

The Best Seller of the 'Fillimilli' are

# 883 Silky Powder : Without it clumping at all

# Mini Make Up Brush Set :  Blusher Brush, Shading Brush, Base Shadow Brush, Blending Brush, Shadow Tip 

# 822 V cut Foundation : Multi-application of Base and Contouring Makeup

5.  KUMO

KUMO makes only brushes. KUMO takes 720 hours to make one brush. And they do 10 quality tests and 11 cleaning & sterilization. So they complete perfect and hygienic brushes.

KUMO is a brand of vegan cosmetics. Brush made from animal hair is made up of protein, so it is highly likely that skin problems or allergy-causing bacteria will breed. So they use synthetic hair when they make brushes. As processing technology has evolved and the vegan material has advanced,  they create the vegan brushes that show great quality. 

The Best Seller of the 'KUMO' are 

# Fingertip Brush : For Concealer, Eye Shadow

# Angled Blush : obliquely cut brush 

# Domed Foundation

There are many brands that make brushes, but I introduced you to more professional brands today. If you have any inquiry or request, please leave a commentūüĎá

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