[Beauty Awards] The Best Whitening Cosmetics Ranked by GLOWPICKūüíĚ

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Have you heard about GLOWPICK? GLOWPIC is also an app people can share and evaluate their opinion about cosmetic products as Hwahae and UNPA. 

Recently, someone uploaded a question on beauty blog that what is the site you trust when you search some cosmetics. Most of people answered they use GLOWPICK and trust more than other beauty apps. And they also said that they had an experience of leaving a review on the GLOWPICK. As much as that, GLOWPICK is an app that has many people's experience and can give trust.


I will continue to post about GLOWPICK, but today, I'll introduce the best whitening cosmetic products among them.


[let's cure] C-Ster High Performance Whitening 100% Vitamin C Powder


[let's cure] C-Ster High Performance Whitening 100% Vitamin C Powder has ranked TOP6 in the whitening care part. In the first half of 2018, it ranked first in the skin care/whitening care.

 It is made of 100% purity of concentrated vitamin C in the form of frozen powder. And they use the brown bottle. So these reduce the risk of color change.

 It is not extract but only L-Ascrobic-Acid is all ingredient. So you can use a small amount to see the effect. Mix it in the skin care product( toner, moisturizer, essence, etc.) you use. And use it once a day. If you check the pictures, you can understand easier.

Please use much less than the picture.

I'd like to recommend it to someone like this.

- Those who suffer from large pores.
- Those who have the rough skin texture from external irritation.
- Those who want to treat your skin.

TOP 5 


 [IOPE] BIO ESSENCE INTENSIVE CONDITIONING has ranked TOP5 in the whitening care part. In the first half of 2019, it ranked first in the skin care/essence. 

The product that helps the skin find its natural strength to make it translucent and smooth. 

It has 3 big features. The content was extracted from IOPE official site.

1. Moisturizing, water formula serum
A watery serum that gets quickly absorbed to swiftly deliver deep, long-lasting moisture to the skin.

2. More powerful effects
This bio serum that contains advanced Bio-Redox A‚ĄĘ components recharges the skin‚Äôs natural strength on a daily basis so that skin becomes strong against time or changes in the environment.

3. Translucent, smoother skin

This product perfects the oil and moisture balance after cleansing while evening out the skin inside and out, completing a smooth and translucent skin foundation that glows.

The result was assessed by the customers who used it for 4 weeks.



 [BRING GREEN] Artemisia Calming Repair Cream

After learning that Artemisia is good for soothing skin, artemisia product got huge popularity last year. Especially,  [BRING GREEN] Artemisia Calming Repair Cream was selected  'Trend by GLOWPICK/ Artemisia part Rookie in 2019.


What kind of product is this?

1. The product is a calming cream has the effect of soothing sensitive skin.
The product includes Artemisia Capillaris Extract 54% and DERMA CLERA 2%, so it has the effect of soothing sensitive skin. 
2. The product is slightly acidic. As I said in my last post a few times, slightly acidic products make to balance PH levels. Caring PH levels help strengthen the skin barrier.

The product calms down redness. And 95% users answered that they feel their skin calms down. So if you feel your skin is sensitive, you can use it like sleeping pack. 



[LIRIKOS] OYSTER ANTI-DARKENING THERAPHY is top 3. But the item is ended nowūüė•¬†


[BRING GREEN] Artemisia Calming Intensive Serum

[BRING GREEN] Artemisia Calming Intensive Serum has ranked TOP2. Also the product was selected ' SkinCare/ Calming Essence part Rookie' of GLOWPICK consumer beauty awards in 2019. Sales are also increasing as interest in artemisia products increases.

The product is an enriched  essence, including 70%  Artemisia Capillaris Extract.
Also it contains niacinamide, which not only soothes your skin but also brightens it. 
The product use enriched Artemisia Capillaris Extract, so it has its own scent and color.
Please check the following images. You can check the texture and before&after.


< Before & After >



[REMACOS] PRA Bifida Night Ample

[REMACOS] PRA Bifida Night Ample is the first place on the part of whitening Care. Also the product is second place of entire essences(5,124) of GLOWPICK.
GLOWPICK consumers give  the product 4.42 points in 4 weeks.

97% users answered they are willing to buy the product again.

The reasons are:

It keeps my skin hydrated (40%)
It helps smooth out my skin ( 28%)
There is nothing bad in this product (21%)
It helps applying makeup (17%)
The scent is good (12%)



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