5 cooling cosmetics for summer

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These days the weather is so hot that you feel your skin is getting sensitive?
Then I hope you will read this article carefully.
Because today I'm going to introduce you to the cooling products that will restore your sensitive skin.👍

1. [Hanyul] YUJA Sleeping Mask Pack

Containing Yuja fruit, which grew up having full energy of sunshine of Southern Ocean area of Korea, Hanyul Yuja line delivers full nutrition directly to skin.This product is stored in the freezer, but it is kept in a same texture as a sherbet, so it is comfortable to use it.And you can experience extreme cooling and quickly lower the temperature of your skin by -4.5 degrees to provide comfort to your heated skin. 

2. [Easy Peasy] Aqua calming stick

It's a stick type that hasn't been easily seen in skin care products.The item also has cooling effect that lowers skin temperature and if you keep it in the fridge, the effect lasts longer.Especially, if your face gets swollen every morning, it will be easier if you lightly rolling massage with the product that was kept cold.

3. [belif] Stress Shooter Cica Balm Cream

Sensitive skin is harder in the summer. When exposed to UV rays,sensitive skin easily heats up and takes time to calm down. Then the skin is becoming more and more stressed. 'Stress Shooter Cica Balm Cream' contains substances that can quickly soothe sensitive skin.So it is effectively takes care of sensitive skin and immediately lowers hot skin by up to 6.9 degrees.

4. [AROMATICA] 95% Organic Aloe Vera Gel

It is a product that calms and moisturizes skin irritated by heat by adding organic aloe vera(certified as USDA Organic) and high purity organic rosemary. It can be used both on the face & body. And it also boasts the highest sales rate among skin care products of Aromatika as its effects are quite good at cheap prices compared to capacity. 

※You can choose between two sizes.

5. [Dr.Jart+] Cicapair Cica Calming Gel Cream

It contains 76 percent of Centella Asiatica Leaf Water, so it can soothe and hydrate sensitive skin. The oily skin can feel fresh and the dry skin can feel moisturize. Also skin that is particularly sensitive to temperature changes can be helpful. 

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