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Are you interested in Korean Herbal Cosmetic? 
Korean herbal cosmetics are a solid layer of mania in Asia. Because Korean herbal cosmetics are made from natural ingredients for medicinal herb. 
Also these are suitable for Asian women's skin characteristics.
Then from now on, I'll introduce 4 brands and best sellers of the brandsūüėä

1. The History of Whoo

Cosmetics inherit the perfect beauty of an empress

'Whoo' in the brand name is from the character 'Śźé (whoo)' meaning an empress, for which its one syllable emphasizes the beauty of simplicity. 'The History' implies that the brand encompasses both the Oriental thoughts and the history of the empress secret beauty formula, while signifying that Whoo's products are sincerely¬†made just like an oriental herbal medicine.

Recently, 'The History of Whoo' achieved about $1,679,000,000 in sales.

The reasons are ‚φ¬†high repurchase rate due to superior quality ‚Ď°¬†elegant packing design (Elegant¬†packing design has captured the hearts of women by¬†expressing the fundamental beauty and emphasizes femininity with curves).


The Best Sellers of the 'The History of Whoo' are 

# Bichup Ja Saeng Essence 
# Gongjinhyang In Yang Balancer 
# Hwanyu Essence 
# Jinyulhyang Jinyul Balancer
# Cheongidan Hwahyun Balancer

2. Sulwhasoo

Seeking the exquisite allure of a plum blossom springing forth through snow

The name of Sulwhasoo is Sul (ťõ™, Snow) + Wha (ŤäĪ, Flower) + Soo (ÁßÄ, Phenomenal). It means seeking the exquisite allure of a plum blossom springing forth through snow.
Sulwhasoo's design is neither excessive nor insufficient. Their pattern is balanced beauty of curves and straight lines. The shape is simple but generous aesthetics of lines. And color is signature colors inspired from nature.

The picture above 
shows a set of Sulwhasoo products given to the first lady of China by the first lady of Korea. It is known that  Peng Liyuan(First lady of China) enjoys using Korean cosmetics. So when the first lady of Korea visited China, she presented the set to the first lady of China. 


The Best Sellers of the 'Sulwhasoo' are

# First Care Activating Serum EX
# Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX
# Timetreasure Invigorating Eye Cream
# Essential Balancing Water EX & Essential Balancing Emulsion EX
# Overnight Vitalizing Mask EX

3. Sooryehan


Sooryehan formulated with traditional Korean herbs, which contain the secret recipe for legendary beauty. Sooryehan selects some traditional Korean herbal materials, like Korean ginseng, that contain various active ingredients including ginsenocide and amino acid, and makes them treat the basis of skin to deliver the distinguished beauty.

Recently, LG Household & Healthcare the parent company of Sooryehan has merged Sooryehan & Sagaxiu into 'Xiu hanbang'. They announced following the launch of 'Xiu hanbang', the company plans to apply the brand concept of "Xiu hanbang" to its "Sooryehan " and "Sagaxiu" products that will be newly released or renewed in the future and also display the family brand name to enhance its image. 

The Best Sellers of the 'Sooryehan' are

# GINSENG First Essence

# BON Firming Cream 
#PURIFYNG Peeling Gel
# HYO Water-spring Emulsion
#CHUNGSAM Revitalizing Essence



YUNJAC means nature's masterpiece. YUNJAC uncovered the answer for beautiful, healthy skin in the circulation of nature's life energy. As reasonable it is for nature to cleanse and therefore recover on its own, They believe that true beauty is to enable skin of restoring disrupted balance through its own powers.


YUNJAC is receiving a lot of attention in China. As an example,¬†In early February, when YUNJAC opened its stores in duty-free stores,¬†the number of brand followers of the YUNJAC increased by nearly 1,000 percent compared to the previous month on xińÉoh√≥ngshŇę, China's largest social e-commerce platform.

We look forward to the growth of YUNJAC.


The Best Sellers of the 'YUNJAC' are


# WHOLE PLANT EFFECT  Foam Cleansing
# HYDRATING & SOOTHING CREAM with baeknyoncho extract & ujildu water

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