[GRAYMELIN] Smiley Tonight Snail Nutry Toner + Emulsion Cream 3 sets

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Smiley Tonight Snail Nutry Toner
- Snail nutry toner for elastic skin
- Don't worry about trouble mask
- Loosen ore without elasticity
- Natural Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water gives full of moisture and nutrients
- Elastic skin texture
- Protect from external irritation

Smiley Tonight Snail Nutry Emulsion
- Prevents skin's dryness and roughness.
- Various plant extracts help to protect skin from outer stress and maintain healthy skin.
- Keep skin moist and healthy.
- From skin moisture membrane
- Provide nutrition and water to the skin and make smooth

Smiley Tonight Snail Nutry Cream
- Contain natural snail slime
- Make skin color clear
- Falling pores because of excessive sebum secretion
- Provide nutrition to dry & dull skin
- Protect from outer stimulus and stress

Made in korea

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