5 Brands of VEGAN Cosmetics Ⅰ

If you don't know the Vegan Cosmetics, I'd like to explain it to you.
Vegan Cosmetics means cosmetics that do not go through animal testing and do not use animal materials. 
I would like to introduce you to 5 brands we sell that is Vegan Cosmetics.


DR.BERONNER'S, an organic Cosmetics brand in the United States, holds the largest share of the organic body care market in the United States. And all products in DR.BERONNER'S are certified as 'Leaping Bunny'. Leaping Bunny is also a mark that proves that there was no animal experimentation in every production process.


Aromatica does not use any animal-originated material, and uses only 100 percent vegetable-based organic material. Also they don't use endangered plants.


DEAR DAHLIA, a premium Vegan beauty brand, is showcasing makeup products of natural ingredients.They are making products of  safe and eco-friendly products through highest-quality natural origin ingredients without toxicity or synthetic chemicals. And They uses EWG green-grade natural-originated ingredients, excluding animal experimentation and the use of animal materials.


To date, 43 products have completed Vegan certification and become the largest Vegan certification brand in Korea. 
TMI: Jungkook of BTS told he used a JOJOBA OIL of four-letter brand. Army(name of BTS Fanclub) assumed it was Bonajur, so the item was out of stock.


All products of ISOI sold in Korea are banned from animal testing.
In place of animal testing, employees test it themselves in the product development process. ISOI is also famous for excluding all harmful ingredients to the skin and use only natural ingredients that are proven to be safe.Especially, the above product has been ranked first in the famous H&B store in Korea for 6 years.

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