Use the cosmetics in the glass caseūüéä

Recently, most cosmetic brands use plastic cases. Because they wanna cut costs, and make a bigger profit. 

Plastic has the advantage of being light and unbreakable.

However, plastic cases can react with cosmetic ingredients and cause endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
As you know, it can do harm to the environment and to the human body in a small amount.

Glass cases don't spoil the contents and don't respond to any ingredients. And with the growing interest in the environment, more and more people are interested in glass cases.

Then I'll introduce 3 brands that use glass casesūüé§

1.  Natural Glass Bottle

We use cosmetics every day. Shampoo, Toothpaste, Skin Care, Perfume, etc...

So, have you thought how many chemicals are there in the cosmetics we use?

Natural glass bottle constantly makes efforts to minimize chemicals from case to ingredients.

Natural glass bottle use glass cases for most products like their names. And most cosmetics brands use water to cosmetics bases but Natural glass bottle use vegetable water that is good for the skin. 

They're joining in reducing chemicals, using the slogan of reducing 'Body Burden'. ( Body Burden means the amount of chemicals deposited in the body during a given period of time.)

The Best Sellers of the 'Natural Glass Bottle' are


2. intermission

Originally, intermission means taking a break in the middle of a movie or performance. Like this, the brand intermission is designed to provide rest for skin exhausted by stress and UV light.

And the intermission contains only the necessary ingredients, excluding harmful substances, for everyone to use in peace and comfort.

The Rest-Up line is the best line of intermission. The characteristic of this line is that glass cases are used in all products and the ingredients are rated 1st-2nd in EWG. Also they use 'Centella Asiatica Extract' as a base instead of water. As you know, 'Centella Asiatica Extract' is famous as the main ingredient of ointment to  heal wounds. 

Use¬†¬†intermission products and give your skin a restūüéĀ

The Best Sellers of the 'intermission' are

# Rest-Up Balancing Toner
# Rest-Up Synergy Serum
# Rest-Up Oil Serum
# Rest-Up Aqua Cream
# Rest-Up Rich Cream

3. Muldream

The name of Muldream is M (My) +  UL ( Urban Life) + Dream (Dream). 
And they mean
present to you the urban life they dream of. The easiest way to have healing lifestyle in the city. 
Because of the harmful environment, 6 out of 10 people in city think they are sensitive skin.

Muldream not only use glass cases but also has made the 4S prescription principle.
- 1S ( Safe & Pure ) : The cosmetic we use every day, Muldream makes it safe for  us to use.
- 2S ( Strong & Active ) : Muldream makes us feel Strong and full with just one        product.
- 3S ( Soothing & Calming ) :  Muldream makes the products that soothe the tired skin in a harmful environment.
- 4S (Skin Balancing) : Muldream makes the products that balance the skin.

The Best Sellers of the 'Muldream' are

# All Green Mild Serum Skin
# Trouble Clear AHA PHA Ampoule
# All Green Mild Facial Cream
# All Green Mild All-In-One Moisturizer
# All Green Mild Mask

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