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Last time I posted about Hwahae, we had over 100 hits. 
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So this time, I have prepared the top products of unpa.(unnie's pouch)
Unpa is an app users can share and evaluate their opinion about cosmetics like Hwahae. And they made a cosmetics brand based on their popularity.

So from now on, let me introduce the top products of unpa.

※  Cosmetic products may not be fit with all your types on cosmetic's characteristics. Therefore it is for reference only.

1. FFLOW OILSOO Calming Skin

FFLOW OILSOO Calming Skin was selected not only unpa, but also got good reaction from Hwahae, Glowpick, allure. In other words, many people are satisfied with this product. 👏 

Mild hydrating toner to sooth your sensitive and tired skin with naturally-derived ingredients. Especially, OILSOO, developed by FFLOW, to help the product's core ingredient absorb into your skin for its deal moisture and oil balance.

Attention please, if you are interested the ingredients of cosmetics! 

The product containing 87 percent natural-derived ingredients and free of 13 harmful chemicals. (cf, you can check 13 harmful chemicals on the product page.)
And the product has three main ingredients which has the following effects.

① Calming Herb Complex for soothing and detoxing
② Panthenol for hydration and conditioning
③ Oilsoo for keeping the moisture and oil balance of the skin


STEP 1 : Place a cion-sized amount of the OILSOO Calming Skin Toner onto hands and rub together to gently apply to your face

STEP 2 : If your skin is hydrated enough, soak cotton pads completely with the toner and leave them on your cheeks, forehead and other sensitive areas.

STEP 3 : After three minutes, remove the cotton pads and pat lightly to help with absorption

2. DERMATORY Hypoallergenic Cica Rescue Gauze Pad


DERMATORY Hypoallergenic Cica Rescue Gauze Pad 
was selected on third-place in the pad part of unpa. Many users have leaved a review about the effect of the product. After they use the product, they said they felt their skin became soothe and moist.✨

And DERMATORY Hypoallergenic Cica Rescue Gauze Pad was tested by applying 10 times. Tested and proven 100% hypoallergenic on the human body.



The pad of Derma Gauze and Cellulose Gause has the features above. And it is free of 20 harmful ingredients for sensitive skin.( You can check the harmful ingredients via product page.) The pad is soaked in concentrated Cica essence.

So when the skin needs instant soothing or when the skin has became sensitive due to external aggressors, the product is good to you.



Tip 1: Write the opening date on the container to consume the whole container before it expires to keep it healthy and clean.

Tip 2: There are tongs inside to keep the gauze pads sanitary and use them conveniently.

Tip 3: You can use the product as spot pack. Put the pad on your sensitive area for 5~10 minutes.






aboard. So many people have inquired us the item.

COSNORI WHITENING DRESS CREAM ranked 2nd-place of unpa tone-up cream .  And the product wasn't only introduced on Get it Beauty 2018 ( Korean Best Beauty TV show) but also was selected as the 1st place, tone-up cream on bulabel. 📺


I'll tell you why many people like and use the item.

① 24 hours vitality: Human body application test complicated
② Texture: The product is creamy&soft texture but not sticky.
③ Real whitening: You apply on the skin continuously, the skin gets bright.
④ Immediately: The rate of instant skin tone improvement 7.24%



Tip 1: Apply it on face, elbows, knees, legs, etc
Tip 2: Mix it with a makeup foundation and apply the mixture on the skin
Tip 3: When it is applied on the skin after washing face and body at night, it would makes the skin whiten continuously.




HATHERINE MORNING BOOST AMPOULE TONER is the winner of skin care of unpa. And it was selected the best toner of Get it beauty 2019. 😲
Do you feel that your skin is dry when you wake up in the morning? If so, check it!
HATHERINE MORNING BOOST AMPOULE TONER use not Water but Bambusa Vulgaris Water (820.000ppm). So it helps skin to moist more effectively than other toners that use water.

Before apply the product, moisture ratio in the skin is 23%. But after use the product, moisture ratio have increased up to 73%. As you know, for better make up, you have to make your skin moisturized. So you use the product before applying make up, the makeup is applied well. 


TIP 1 : Use the product as ampoule
Apply it on your face sever times, then you can feel moisturized like you used a mask pack at last night.

TIP 2 : Use the product as spot pack
Put a cotton soaked in the item for 5~10 minutes, then it helps to sooth your skin.

TIP 3 : Use the product for make up
Put it on puff, then make up works so well.


AGELESS REAL EYE CREAM FOR FACE is No.3 of unpa eye cream.
And AHC’s exclusive patented peptide Aquatide (heptasodium hexacarboxymethyldipeptide-12,) helps nurture resilient skin. This ingredient has won the Gold Prize in IN-COSMETICS ASIA 2016, a world-class raw materials award, was dedicated a SCIE-level research paper, and has completed patent registration in 4 countries.  

-The product was completed clinically tested.
Multiple anti-aging effects including anti-oxidation, anti-aging of the dermis, relief of fatigue due to reduced skin elasticity, quadruple pore reduction, and cumulative moisturizing effect are clinically proven through actual changes in skin. 

- The product is made with Micromulsion Biosensor System.
Microemulsion biosensor system* is exclusive technique that minimizes all active ingredients to 1/200 the size of a pore, allowing thermosensitive polymers to gently melt into skin and meld with the around skin's surface.


Do you think eye cream have to only be applied to your eyes? Use AGELESS REAL EYE CREAM FOR FACE on your whole face.

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