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Concern 1 When I buy cosmetics, the most important thing is ingredients. But if  it has good ingredients, it's expensive. So I sometimes felt some  burden...                    
Concern 2 A lot of animals are suffering from animal testing. I'm looking for cosmetic brands that don't experiment with animals because I love animals.
Concern 3  When I check ingredients of cosmetics, there are products that have too much ingredients. Is this really helpful?

¬†You¬†don't¬†need¬†to¬†worry¬†about¬†these¬†problems¬†anymore!¬† Because we've prepared¬†a posting¬†for people who have these concerns. The posting is about Naturalism Cosmetic Brands.ūüź∂
What these brands have in common are that cost-effective, contains only the necessary ingredients and they don't experiment with animals.

Then I'll start 
MANYO FACTORY is the brand that has topped the list in natural cosmetics part  of trusted brand from customers for six consecutive years(2014-2019). 

From the beginning to the present, they've grown into a reliable brand by making cosmetics without adding harmful ingredients. In addition, by introducing products from various natural ingredient  lines, they make customers can purchase products according to their personal taste.

The Best Sellers of the

# Bifida Complex Ampoule
# Galactomy Niacin Essence
# Cleansing Soda Foam
#Pure Cleansing Oil 
# Galactomy Essence Cream


The CEO of SIDMOOL says he started a business to treat his mother's atopic dermatitis. Also he said that SIDMOOL originated from the name of the representative's hometown and chose this name to give customers the same comfort as their hometown.

SIDMOOL have so far introduced 300 natural functional cosmetics based on various natural and organic ingredients and functional ingredients, and have developed trust only through word of mouth among consumers without any special marketing activities. 

The Best Sellers of the Sidmool are 

# Honey Peptide Pack
# Pureskin Peeling Gel
# Volufiline Ampoule
# Noni Neckcream
# Jojoba Lip Essence


ISNTREE use natural ingredients. And they offer proper price to customers.
ISNTREE Philosophies are :
Using only safe materials with proven effectiveness / Using eco-friendly packaging for nature. / Against animal testing / Marked 100% of the ingredients
Based on this philosophy, they are providing good cosmetics to customers.
The Best Sellers of the ISNTREE are
# Hyaluronic Acid Toner 
# Mild Sun Cream
# Aloe Soothing Gel 


The representative of PAPA RECIPE made a Jojoba oil for his first daughter, who suffers from atopic dermatitis, and at first sold it on a small scale. At that time, it was called 'Cosmetics made by Dad' . But as it grew in scale, it changed its name to PAPA RECIPE.

PAPA RECIPE beliefs are : 
Recipe For Everyone- Making cosmetics for everyone regardless of nationality, age, etc

Recipe For Skin-  Using only safe ingredients that are harmless to the human body, rather than making rapid changes. Therefore it is possible to maintain the natural beauty of the skin.

Recipe For Nature- PAPA RECIPE is inspired by nature. And they're trying to solve skin problem through nature ingredients.

The Best Sellers of the PAPA RECIPE are 
# Blemish Cream # Madecare Oint
# Eggplant Clearing Peeling Pad Toner
# Eggplant Clearing Mud Cream Mask
# Tea Tree control Cleansing Foam


AROMATICA was born in 2004 when Jerry Kim, a first-generation aromatherapist in Korea, decided to produce safe and natural personal care products for his family.

They are an initiator of the cosmetic ingredient safety campaigns in Korea that organized by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They have been actively promoting EWG's ingredient campaigns in Korea while bringing the attention of consumers and the industry to the issue of safe ingredients.

And They strive towards 'Zero waste'.
So They produce glass-based products that are easy to recycle. In order to reduce the plastic waste, which is one of the main causes of environmental pollution, They are practicing paper cushioning materials.

The Best Sellers of the AROMATICA are 

# Organic Aloe Vera Gel
# Aloe & Vitamin E Soothing Cream
# Rose Hip Oii
# Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo
# Rosemary Root Enhancer

6. 2SOL


The goal of 2SOL is to deliver practical products to customers, not to sell illusions, by significantly increasing the amount of active ingredients. And they haven't invested advertisement, packing design, gift. They have saved the money about things like that and have invested it in the product.

The Best Sellers of the 2SOL are  

# Green Enzyme Cleanser
# Propolis Soothing Solution
# Elixir Propolis Serum
#Niacinamide 10% Treatment
# Facial Recovery Booster

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