IU Earrings of tvN Drama Hotel DelLuna

Recently, a popular drama in Korea, Hotel Deluna
Of course, the hottest topic is the beauty & fashion of IU, the main character.
So today let me introduce one of them, the earrings✨

1.[JEALOUSY] With Flower Earring

This is the earrings IU wore on the second episode. 
It's a handmade product made from freshwater pearls and beads decorated with four leaf clover shaped plates. 

TIP: It is a luxuriously made earring that fits well with the calm style look. 

※The freshwater pearls are all different shapes, and the shapes and sizes of the earrings may differ slightly during production.

2.[JEALOUSY] So Fancy Earring

The item appeared in the trailer and the third episode. 
This is an earring with a bold style and a unique design. There are two colors of this product, Gold and Silver, and IU chose Gold. 😘

It is a product that weighs as much as it is bold.

3.[JEALOUSY] Jealousy Me Earring
It's the only drop earrings on this page. The length is 2.36 inches. Crystal Stone give a sparkle effect. And it gives you a neat, elegant look. 🤞

4.[JEALOUSY] Mini Happy Earring Green Color

The item is a good product to give a point to the daily life by matching a cute little hoop earring color square stone. It is a good item to want to collect all over the place. And it is a hot item that not only IU but also other celebrities wore.

5.[PRIMAUTE] Grace Earring

[PRIMAUTE] Grace Earring is swarovski crystal earrings with excellent glitter.
Mini pearls and silver shadow crystal border details enhance perfection.

The item has three colors [White, Red, Blue]

All three colors are pretty, so I think you'll be satisfied with whichever you choose.👍

❣  We will provide a product quality certificate to all purchasers 

Is there no product here that you want? or Is there no color on product page that you want? Please don't worry😊 Please contact us using 'Wholesale inquiry' or 'Contact us'. We' ll do my best to help you.

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