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If you want good skin, you should cleanse well. As you know, many dermatologists say cleansing is the most important . Cause cleansing removes waste and sebum of a day.🙈 Especially, you have sensitive or acne skin, you need to cleanse your face really well. 

Cleansing products have many kinds and types. Cream, Foam, Balm, Oil, tissue...
So today, I'll recommend you the types and products that suit you well.

1. Cleansing Foam

I think most of people use cleansing foams. And many Korean women use cleansing foams to second wash. And more foam reduces irritation to the skin, so people use bubble maker.

But have you heard surfactant?

This is rich in foam, but it give a bad effect on the skin. The ingredient is being used to soap, shampoo, etc. Recently, many people are aware of the seriousness of it and decrease on their use. Also people use cleansers with less acid for setting ph-balanced. 

 So I recommend these products.


[ THANK YOU FARMER ] BACK TO ICELAND CLEANSING FOAM use surfactant which is derived from natural ingredients. So it has rich in foam, but doesn't irritate the skin.  And the dense foam neatly removes sebum and waste inside pores and at the same time helps create skin barrier making it moist and clear.


The product contains natural ingredients that supply moist, pore and dead skin cell care, skin soothing by increasing its cleansing and moisturizing effect.
So I recommend the product to you looking for a refreshing, moist and abundant in foam cleansing and you who have blackheads, sebum and rough skin.

[SKIN9HARI] Revive Therapy A.C Cleanser

[SKIN9HARI] Revive Therapy A.C Cleanser is famous as a cleansing form of Idol.

As you know, K-pop stars do heavy make-up. So they use a cleansing form that is good for cleaning. The product has not only good cleaning power but also has good ingredients. The product is deep cleanser but don't have bad ingredients, so acne skin type also can uses it with confidence.

 2. Cleansing Oil

Oil products can remove blackheads by dissolving the ingredients of sebum, and they do not need to be cleaned separately with cleansing tissue after washing them, and can easily remove fine dust, waste materials, and heavy makeup.

Especially if you have dry skin , cleansing oils make your skin moist after washing your face. The other side, you have oil skin I don't recommend cleansing oils. 
The residue of oil can remain on the skin and cause trouble.
(It depends on the person, absolutely)
 I'll introduce good cleansing oils.

[Manyo Factory] Pure Cleansing Oil

[Manyo Factory] Pure Cleansing Oil is selected to the best item on many site.
Community sites, Apps, H&B Stores, etc..
The sales of the product has broke 850,000.
(The product received 4.7 points out of 5.)
And the product use vegetable surfactant, so it is mild and gentle.

The product is mild but removes sebum and black head well.
Try this product in the following 4·4·4 formula:
Step 1: Pump the cleansing oil 4 times 
Step 2: Rub 4 areas forehead, eyes, T-Zone, Cheeks with cleansing oil
Step 3: Add a little water to cleansing oil and emulsify the blackhead for 40 seconds. Then you can remove the blackheads.

[CHINOSHIO] Natural Pore Cleansing Oil

Many celebrities and influencers already use CHINOSHIO] Natural Pore Cleansing Oil. The texture of the item is as light as water. And it exfoliates and cleanse the surface.
I think it is the biggest advantage that even if it's cleansing oil but you can feel moisture after using it. 
So if you've ever thought about cleansing oil, try this product🙈

3. Cleansing Gel


If you have oil skin or acne skin, It's recommended to use a gel-type cleansers.
If you use Gel-type cleansers, even after washing, you feel zero tightening, and your skin feels moist and smooth. 
Some people with acne skin have acne because their skin is dry. 
For these people, a gel or cream-type cleanser without oil is appropriate.

[Cell Fusion C] Physiological Cleansing Gel

[Cell Fusion C] Physiological Cleansing Gel is a product that can also be used for sensitive skin.

And the product has the following features.
-Mild Foaming Cleansing Gel :

Lauryl Glucoside efficiently removes impurities and makeup residue from the skin.

- Restores the skin's PH balance after washing:

The cleanser contains Citric Acid that restore the skin’s optimum pH balance.

-Moisturized skin after washing:

Hyaluronic Acid deeply moisturizes skin that is prone to dryness after cleansing.

Go to Physiological Cleansing Gel

[ZEROID] Dermanewal Cleansing Gel


The surfactant of [ZEROID] Dermanewal Cleansing Gel is derived from natural ingredients. And the product is also a PH-balanced cleanser. So you can remove your makeup without any irritation.

Go to Dermanewal Cleansing Gel 

If you're interested in other type cleansers, please leave a comment or send an email. Then I'll check it and post next time.🧐


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