5 Cosmetics brands for MEN(Grooming Cosmetics)

I've prepared some beauty brands for the Grooming people.
Grooming means menūüôć‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ who are interested in fashion and beauty and invest in it.
From now on, please attention grooming!
I also recommend to the women who want to present to dad, boyfriend, brother refer this posting.

Let me introduce 5 Cosmetics brands for MEN(Grooming).

1) MIP

The slogan of MIP is " Not cosmetic, It is a Men's tool"  And MIP is a men's lifestyle cosmetic brand to provide easy-to-use cosmetic products for men and help them lead the global beauty market. 

MIP best-selling products are 

1. All Type Color Mix Cream

All Type Color Mix Cream is an all skin tone cream which allows you to customize tone and coverage by adjusting amount of mixture using the dual pump.

2. Appeal Engine Black Decent

MIP Appeal Engine Black is a premium solid perfume that fills the man's confidence with its outstanding sustainability and attractive fragrance.


The LAP SERIES stems from ESTEE LAUDER, the founder of the global cosmetics brand ESTEE LAUDER, who made this brand for her husband and son. And they understand men's skin. So every LAB SERIES product delivers the quick absorption and lightweight formulation your skin demands, and targets men's concerns with powerful custom-fit solutions.

LAB SERIES best-selling products are 

 1. Rescue Water Lotion

Rescue Water Lotion helps soothe irritation and leaves skin feeling calmed and comfortable. Over time, skin appears smoother, brighter, more refined - rescued with water-fresh hydration.

2. Age Rescue Water-Charged Gel Cream

The item is CEW's Insiders' Choice Beauty Award Winner 2015: Men's Grooming
What is it: 
Boosts natural collagen helping to visibly repair lines, wrinkles and increase firmness. / Provides intense hydration instantly, over 24 hours and long term.

3. Pro Ls All-in-one Face Treatment

Busy men demand skincare products that work hard and work smart. PRO LS All-In-One Face Treatment checks multiple items off your daily routine with a single, highly advanced, efficiency expert. 


It's a men's brand with a good understanding of men's skin and lifestyle. The goal of DTRT is to share their ideas 'Do The Right Thing' through products. And they use only good materials to ensure product quality.

DTRT best-selling products are 

1.Lip Balm Cheat Key

It's colorless on the outside but it has color on the inside. So it produces natural colors. And because it's colorless on the outside, you can apply it comfortably on the street.

2. Calming Soon All-in-one Cream

When you apply one cream, it turns into cream→essence→skin and is absorbed into the skin in fresh. I recommend for men who want to solve their troublesome skincare at once.


Bro&Tips is a brand created by a group of young male experts from Amore Pacific through an in-house start-up in 2017. Amore Pacific is a Korean cosmetics company that owns many brands [ex. sulwhasoo, mammonde, innisfree...)

best-selling products are

Never Dry/ Never Oily/ Never Worry All-in-one. The advantage of this product is that you can choose an all-in-one product for your skin type.

- Never Dry is suitable for men with dry skin
- Never Oily is suitable for men with oily skin.
- Never Worry is for men with sensitive skin.


BRIALL HOMME is a compound word of BRIGHTENING and ALL, which means everything that makes bright and clear skin.

BRIALL HOMME best-selling products are

1. Brightening Foam Cleansing

Brightening foam cleansing is a customized form cleansing for men. It's good to wash your face gently without irritating skin. It's suitable for both oily and dry skin. And i
t is the first place in men's form cleansing on Korea's famous portal site.

2. NW(Natural Whitening) Cream

Containing whitening materials that make skin brighter and purer.
NW cream makes your skin tone up naturally, covers blemishes and helps to produce natural skin texture.

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